Check out the  J'Ouellette® Intensif program, because I think you want to become bilingual and stay bilingual.


Here's a list of what you get when you register for J'Ouellette® Intensif before this Sunday:

1. 19 hrs Private classes by Skype, which means gaining the confidence and comfort of conversation

2. 95 video-lessons, which means peace of  mind of practicing at your own pace and convenience

3. BONUS: 76 audio-lessons (MP3 & PDF), which means portability and the comfort of practicing in the car, in the Gym, during your jogging routine

4. Free lifetime membership, which means the confidence that you will have the support of your tutor (and J'Ouellette community) during and after the program

5. If you don’t start from zero, we offer advanced classes when the program is completed, which means full flexibility for both the scheduling of the private hours and the learning materials; if you do start from zero, the flexibility is still there - it is our trademark!


When you contact me, I'll give you the answers to the top 8 frequent asked questions regarding the program.


I want you to be completely without risk, so here is my guarantee: 30-day Money back guarantee and 100% Satisfaction guarantee, which means your full confidence and peace of mind. 


It's really easy to get started, just Email me at contact@j-ouellette.com.


Once you decide to get started, here's waht's going to happen:

1. Before starting: I will send you a set of resources that you will use during the program, to prep you for the ride
2. we will decide together the day and time that works best for our private class - don’t worry, it can be changed anytime, with a 24-hour notice
3. I will send you an email with the first module, link and password to the J’Ouellette conversation group, instructions of how to get the best out of the program.
4. After we finish the program, my commitment to you doesn’t diminish. There are graduation bonuses coming your way, and you can always contact me for questions and feed-back.


You need to REGISTER RIGHT NOW, because there are only 4 spots left, and registration ends this Sunday.


Here's a few testimonials of students who already took the program, and what happened for them:


"I couldn’t imagine to be able to write the dictée on the third lesson with just two mistakes! Awesome! This positive result inspires me to do much more than I expected from myself. Thanks a lot, Llyane! I really look forward surprising my friends in a few months :)" ~ Natalie

"I find the lessons fun, friendly and stress free, but most of all very informative. My French has improved so much so, that we now conduct the lessons in French, something I would not have believed three months ago." ~ Ian

"In 5 short weeks I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my spoken French abilities – in terms of vocabulary development, accent and grammar, and have started getting lots of compliments from native French speakers on my French! I highly recommend Llyane as an instructor. Her methodology works. At the end of each class my confidence was improved and I had fun doing it. I can’t recommend her enough." ~ Trish

"I did receive my tests results and I received my ‘B’ level in both my reading and writing tests!!! I’m over the moon!!! Thanks so much for all your help - I couldn’t have done it without you!!!" ~ Kate


Here is the link for you: http://j-ouellette.com/fathers-day-gift/


Merci beaucoup,

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  • Too bad I missed this!

    • Hey, Brandon, 
      I just posted the other offer in the Forum - it expires June 30.
      Hope you can grab it, because that program will be discontinued.

      Enjoy :)

    • Are you still interested, Brandon?
      I have a better special coming today - it is the second anniversary of my Daily Minute with J'Ouellette® video series and I offer the best program.
      Email me at contact@j-ouellette.com

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