Dear Colleagues,


Last year, thanks to your assistance, we were able to recruit an excellent pool of candidates for our NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Site Intersection of Linguistics, Language and Culture Fellowship (see their profiles on We are excited to announce that the next round of recruitment is now underway! We would be grateful if you could distribute the information about our program again this year. The application is now online, and the deadline to apply is April 15, 2018 for the 2018-2019 program:


We are again recruiting talented undergraduate students residing in the New York area, largely from (but not limited to) historically disadvantaged groups, to partake in a year-long program to engage in research on language(s) and benefit from workshops that will help them prepare for the next steps in their educational journey. The 14 Students selected for the program will be awarded a stipend of $6,500 a year for participation in the program: $2,000 for 12 weeks in the Fall semester, $2,000 for 12 weeks in the Spring semester, and $2,500 in the summer (June and the first week of July) to compensate them for their work.


All undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, who will still be enrolled as undergraduate students in college/university in 2018-2019, and who reside in New York are welcome to apply. We especially encourage applications from students who are members of underrepresented groups in the Speech-Language-Hearing-Communication and Cognitive Sciences, which include but are not limited to:

  • students who are racial/ethnic minorities, first-generation college students, women, and veterans, and those who are or have been enrolled in community colleges
  • students who are familiar with a Language Other Than English (LOTE), a Sign Language, and/or with varieties of English that differ from Mainstream American English (e.g. African American English, Jamaican English etc.) 
  • students who have experienced educational or economic disadvantages, or other personal circumstances that may have impeded their transition to the next stage of training towards a science career.

We would be grateful if you could post the attached flyer in your department and share it with strong potential applicants/students at your institution, and with other colleagues. If you want us to send you hard copies of the flyer, just let us know how many, and we will do so within about a week. Finally, if you are aware of any career or internship fair at which our program could be advertised, please let us know! 

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Intersection of Linguistics, Language, and Culture NSF REU Site Program

Isabelle Barriere, PhD & Jonathan Nissenbaum, PhD, directors;

Syelle Graves, MA, MPhil, coordinator

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