Learning a new language is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions you can make. call Brigitte let start in January once a week with fun with native French speaking teachers call Bleu Blanc Rouge NY at 212 780 0932
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It’ll Make You Happier (Really). If you’re a romantic, happiness is what you’re in constant pursuit of. If you’re a scientist, it’s your brain releasing certain chemicals. Learning a language can, at the very least, do the latter. When you learn new vocab, the reward center of your brain is activated, which triggers the same response as if you were eating chocolate.

why language and why not French? read this article from Babbel

Reasons To Finally Learn A New Language In 2018

It Makes It Easier To Order Food. We’ve all been there. You’re excited for your big pasta dinner, but then you realize you can’t even begin to imagine how conchiglie is pronounced.

You Can Dig Into Your Ancestral Roots. Chances are if you’re an American, your ancestors didn’t speak English. Or at least one of your ancestors didn’t. If you want to connect with your origins, it’s worth it to learn the language they spoke.

It’ll Keep You Mentally Sharp. Not learning is the worst. Maybe you’ll disagree, but after a while of just puttering along, you can almost feel your brain start to atrophy. Fortunately, learning a language can help you avoid this. It helps you keep your brain active, and is even known to delay the onset of memory deterioration.

Learning A Language Can Help Your Career. Have you tried applying for a job lately? It’s not pretty out there. It can be incredibly difficult to stand out from the crowd, especially when you’re straight out of college. Learning a language is one of the best ways to improve your résumé. Studying one of the seven languages mentioned in this article will likely improve your prospects.

You Can Exercise Your Brain And Body At The Same Time. Sure, you love going to the gym to beef up, but what about the biggest muscle of all? The brain.

You’ll Become A Global Citizen. The United States is a global outlier in its monolingualism. The majority of people on this planet can speak two languages, usually because they are required to by necessity.   Start learning a language today! TRY BLEU BLANC ROUGE

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