We are looking for a nanny to care for our newborn two or three days per week. We also would like this person to pick up our older son from school at 4:30pm down the street and spend an hour and a half or more speaking French (if you are a French speaker) with him before dinner. I work from home but need someone to manage the baby on my busiest days when I have the most phone calls. I will be home while you are here with the baby. There is a beautiful and large park (Juniper Valley Park) nearby where you can take walks, play and enjoy the sunshine with the kids. We need someone who is experienced with newborns, who is fun and detail oriented, possibly open to more hours as time goes on, personable and conversational, takes the work seriously, and possibly open to working with us for the next two years.

These are not required but it would be nice if you enjoy cooking, making/playing music, crafts or are open to cleaning and/or doing the children's laundry. 

Most of all, we are looking for someone who can be part of our family and will treat our children like their own. Hourly rate and hours and days are a little bit flexible for the right candidate.

French fluent (native speaker from France, Belgium or Switzerland...or studied to fluency in one of those countries) is a huge plus as our older son has been learning French for the past 3 years and we would like to continue that. But it is not necessary.

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