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My husband I just moved to Bed Stuy right off the Franklin Ave. C stop. We are expecting our first son in late March 2016. My husband is French-speaking and we value the importance of our son being bilingual so we are interested in hiring a nanny who is also French-speaking to help in his language development.

The nanny position would be full-time (M-F; roughly 9am to 6pm) starting in July 2016 when our son is about 3 months old and I return to work full-time.  A requirement is experience with newborns. 

We'd be open to a nanny share, as well-- sharing a nanny with another family who is in close proximity to us. 

Please respond if you are interested! 


Mary & Dominique

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  • Hello
    I'm Wendy and I really interested if you still looking for full-time babysitter with experience caring and loving person please contact me at or 9292289215
  • Hi Mary -- Our French-speaking nanny has become available now that our 2-year old is in daycare.  Here is the recommendation I wrote for her.  Feel free to reach out to me specifically for more details, or for her contact details.  I am at jbc1181 @ yahoo . 


    We wholeheartedly recommend our former nanny, Suzanne, to anyone who might be looking for a French-speaking childcare provider. 
    Our families employed Suzanne in a nanny share in Park Slope, where she looked after our two sons.  We first met Suzanne because our original nanny was having some personal problems, and needed to take some time away.  We loved her, trusted her completely, and knew she only had the best interests of our children in mind, and she recommended Suzanne (they are cousins) to us as another French-speaking nanny.  Our original nanny's time away became indefinite, and we all agreed it would be best if Suzanne stayed on in place of our nanny, which she did.
    We all grew to adore and trust Suzanne, just like we did our original nanny, and so did our sons. She is nurturing, loving, calm and incredibly reliable.  She handled the demands of two babies, 10 months apart in age, and their transitions to toddlerhood with ease and humor.  She was the most reliable nanny that I (Joanna) personally employed (prior to joining the nanny share, I had employed several other nannies) -- she was always on time, never missed a day, and was always flexible to stay a little later, or change the routine somewhat, when needed.  She was completely open to doing things the way we requested,  but we also completely trusted her to make her own decisions, as we knew she would make choices that were in the best interests of our children.
    Suzanne was also very active with them -- taking them to the park, the library storytimes, and to various sing-alongs and playdates with other French caregivers in the neighborhood. (Some of you may have met her at the Friday afternoon park sing-alongs that Chrystelle hosts.)   On a number of occasions I happened to pass the park where she was with the boys, and I was able to observe them all at a distance -- she was never on her phone, but always had both of them out of the stroller -- on the swings, laughing together, on the slides, etc. 
    She is an extremely calm, laid-back presence, and she really loved and cared for our sons in a way that gave me absolute confidence.  I will also say that until we employed her, I did not realize how valuable and stress-relieving it was to have a nanny who was completely, 100% reliable and whose personal situation I didn't have to worry about or feel responsible for.  
    The only reason Suzanne is looking for another family to work with is because the Moore family moved to a different neighborhood, and we both decided that instead of going through the work of trying to find other nanny share partners, we would try daycare.  Suzanne then spent some time away, visiting her family in Africa, and is now back and looking for full-time work.
    My son (Joanna) is now in a French-speaking daycare, and speaking with Suzanne in French throughout his days made the transition to French-speaking daycare completely smooth for him.  He is continuing to learn more and more, and speaks as fluently in French as you can expect from a 2-year old!, and that is building on the great foundation Suzanne provided for him.
    Suzanne is quite flexible and open to any number of arrangements.  If she got to choose, I believe she would prefer to just work with one family, but I am sure she would consider any opportunity.  
    Feel free to reach out to me or Daphne; we would be glad to tell you more about our experience with her, and answer any questions you may have.  
    (Because she was originally a temporary fill-in, and came recommended by our original nanny, we did not do a background check or talk to her former employers, but I know she has other references she would be happy to share with you.)
  • Hi! I am nadine 25 years old, i am from paris and i have been living in new york for 5 years now.
    I have been working as a nanny for over 6 years , From 3 weeks old infant to 8 years old kids. I am very responsible and reliable, and extremely kind and loving.i am also easy going, conscientious and trustworthy. I have children, so i have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to both infants and toddlers.I am very creative and thoughtful, and my interactions with kids are always developmentally appropriate. With children , i am great about handling breastmilk, keeping to a nap schedule and monitoring sleep/eating/diapers during the day.i always coming up with new activities (like teaching french)to make learning, reading and play fun.
    For more please do give me a call 917-651-9519
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