This is Your Brain on Languages

Sean Lynch, head of school of the Lycée Français of New York (LFNY), Ellen Bialystok, cognitive neuroscientist, research professor at York University in Toronto, discuss the effects of knowing two (or more) languages on the brain.

What's your experience with being bilingual?  Does it add confusion or clarity to your thinking?

"Living With Two Languages" Saturday 4/13

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  • Being bilingual is very enriching.  My native language is English.  Having French as a second language has exposed me to another world which is very big.

    Sometimes when I see something on French television and I want to tell other English speakers about it I'm remembering in French so I have to translate everything in my mind.  This sometimes slows me down. 

    Bilingual people choose their words differently.  They don't speak "local."  I recently commented about a co-worker by saying he is "rapid" instead of "fast.



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