Dear New York In French Community,

We are Céline, Ludivine and Caroline -- three French moms who've been living just across the Hudson river, in Jersey City, NJ for several years now.

A few months ago, we started to gather information and data to see if there would be enough interest in Jersey City to create a French language program for young children. The response was very enthusiastic and encouraging, both from the parents and the local institutions we contacted, so we kept moving forward.

And things have been going fast!

Our goal is to offer a high-quality yet affordable school education in French and cultural opportunities to children from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We will create a fun environment through various educational activities adapted to the age of the children, through age-appropriate level classes.

Starting with an afterschool program next Fall (2012), French will be introduced through a multi sensory approach using creative arts, language arts, singing, games and cooking – the ratio of each depending on the age group. We will follow the cursus of the “programme de l’éducation nationale française” (French Education System) in terms of skills to be acquired by the end of a class year, giving all the children what will be needed to pursue their education in the bilingual French-American school the following year, if desired.

We’re hoping to open a full-time French-American preschool (Nursery to 1st Grade) in Jersey City in September 2013.

Follow us on our new blog, JC French Project, and don't forget to fill in the survey if you're interested in the project! Also... spread the word!!!

Thank you!

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  • Dear friends,

    We are thrilled and honored to announce the opening of The French Academy of Jersey City this fall! 

    We are working hard to ensure a perfect nurturing environment for our students.
    Due to unexpected delay of renovation, we had to postpone our open house to October 30, 2012. Meet us at 209 Third Street, Jersey City (a 5mn walk from the Grove Street PATH station), for one of our two information sessions:
    * 9.30am-11.30am, coffee-croissant
    * 6pm-8pm, crackers & cheese
    The starting date of our Fall Session will be November 6, 2012.
    To receive the registration form, please contact our Deputy Director, Céline MONTHIEU, at 201-724-1544 or by email at
    We are looking forward to seeing you and your little ones at the French Academy!
    Caroline Garnier
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  • I forgot to mention that if I enter my master in education in september 2013 I will be available for internship and free work experience if you need any free help during the whole year, I would be so grateful and happy to help in your new project. Let me know if interested I will forward you my CV and a cover letter and some references from my experience here with children! thank you so much for your time.



  • Hi there,

    Sorry to bother you but I just read your message and it sounds fantastic :) I am a french 22 year old student and live in the UK where I do my Bachelor degree. My fiancé and I have been dreaming for years to come and work in NYC. 
    Im thinking of doing a Master in Early Childhood bilingual education in New York in 2013 but I would like to know if you think I will be able to find a job after it. I don't want it to be a waste of time and money and it is very hard to have companies or schools sponsoring you for visas or green card. 

    My parent are both in the education as well as my fiancé so I would really love to work for a school like yours and one day put my children there as it is very hard to find an affordable and yet safe environment.

    Thank you very much for your help and consideration. Even if I don't live in New York I will definitely fill in the survey as I think it is a brilliant idea :) 

    Bonne chance dans votre projet mesdames :) 

    Kinds Regards,

    Sylvia Queynnec

  • Hi Erica,

    Thansk for your interest in our project! We aren't in a position to give any advice yet as we're still in the process of figuring out many things, but you can already have an idea of how we've worked so far by following our blog,

    Good luck in your project! It sounds exciting!


  • This is great! I live in JC and this sounds like a project I would be part of. I am NYC teacher ( I teach  ELLs), born in Haiti and in the process of opening an education/cultural center in Haiti. We are starting our pilot adult literacy program this summer. We have a decent sized population of children of francophone nations in JC and nearby areas and many of us have looked for an appropriate school for kids/toddlers and to no avail. Your school is needed. Let me know of how I can be of any help. 


    • Hi Jean,

      Thanks for your kind words, and congratulations on your project in Haiti - best of luck for the opening this summer!  If you're interested in our Jersey City project, definitely keep an eye on our blog, and feel free to spread the word locally! We're still gathering data via our online survey, the more people we can get involved, the better! (by filling the survey you'll also be added automatically to our mailing list)

      We're all looking forward to the next steps, à bientôt :)


  • i'd be interested, my daughter currently goes to FABC in New Milford.

  • cheres Céline, Ludivine and Caroline

    j'aimerai prendre contact avec vous pouvez vous me contacter via email

    • Bonjour Brigitte,

      N'hésitez pas à nous contacter via notre blog, JC French Project, ou à l'adresse



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