We are looking for a minimum of 30 French-speaking and non-French speaking families with children entering Kindergarten in September 2016 and interested in advocating for a French Dual programme in PS 59 in Midtown East (on 56thand 2nd, close to the United Nations).

French dual language program in New York City’s public schools, with half the instruction time in French and the other half in English, is booming. There are 1,300 children enrolled in French Dual programmes in 12 Public Schools in New York City. There is no such programme offered in the Upper East Side or Midtown East.

There are many proven benefits to speaking two or more languages at a young age. Bilingualism increases mental flexibility for children; prepares them for academic and professional careers; results in higher scores on verbal standardized tests and better performance in math and logic skills; and builds self-esteem and creativity. Bilingual children also develop sensitivity towards other people and cultures while maintaining a strong sense of their own identity.

If you interested to be part of this initiative, please send us the following information:

  1. name of the child entering K in September 2016

  2. date of birth

  3. zoned school

  4. Indication if your family is English speaking or French Speaking

Spread the word so we can meet our objective!

Diane and Steven, raising our kids in French and English (dianesheinberg@gmail.com)

Nous sommes à la recherche de 30 familles francophones et anglophones avec des enfants entrant en Kindergarten en septembre 2016 et qui seraient interessées par un programme bilingue français – anglais pour l’école PS 59 située à Midtown East (56thet 2nd, près des Nations Unies).

Les programmes d’éducation bilingue francais – anglais dans les écoles publiques sont en pleine expansion (enseignement donné a moitié en français et l’autre moitié en anglais). 1300 enfants sont inscrits dans un programme bilingue dans 12 écoles publiques de la ville de New York. Malheureusement, il n’existe pas de tel programme dans l’Upper East side ou à Midtown East.

Le bilinguisme augmente la flexibilité mentale pour les enfants; les prépare à des carrières universitaires et professionnelles; résulte dans des scores plus élevés aux tests standardisés et une meilleure performance dans les compétences mathématiques et logiques; et construit l'estime de soi et la créativité. Les enfants bilingues développent également la sensibilité envers les cultures, tout en maintenant un fort sentiment de leur propre identité.

Si vous êtes intéressé, envoyez-nous les informations suivantes:

1) le nom de l'enfant entrant K en Septembre 2016

2) la date de naissance

3) votre zone d’école

4) Indication si votre famille est francophone ou anglophone

Passez le mot afin que nous puissions atteindre notre objectif!

Diane et Steven

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  • C'est une superbe initiative! Je suis tres tres interessee meme si mon fils ne rentrera en K qu'en 2017. Je viens de vous envoyer un mail. J'espere de tout coeur que cela reussira! 

    Un grand merci!


  • Hello Diane and Steven

    We are a French/Lebanese family living on Roosevelt Island, we are A Zone 2, p.s. 217 is our home school, but also p.s 59. Our Son Evander Doughty will be entering kindergarten in the 2016/17 school year, his date of birth is 22/12/11. We are a bilingual family, Evander speaks and understands both English and French.

    Alyson, Elsie and Evander
  • Dear Diane et Steven,

    Thank you for giving this opportunity to our kids.:)
    I am Azeri citizen and live in NY. I had a great privilege to live in Paris during three years and study French language at the Sorbonne Universite. I would love to give an opportunity to my baby daughter who is 5 years old and starting a kindergarten this September.
    Could you please let me know if this applies to family who lives in Brooklyn as well?
    If so we would be only happy to consider our baby girl to join your school.

    Thank you.


    Ulviyya (Mama)
    • Dear Diane,

      Thank you for the prompt reply. Even we live in Brooklyn, I would be happy patent of this initiative will work. Please, keep me posted. My email is ulviyyadanyal@yahoo.com

      Thank you.

      Hope you have a great weekend.

    • Thank you for your message Ulviyya! This is  anew initiative, and the first step is to identify a group of interested families, ideally zoned for the school. The programme is not in place - this is a new initiative, but if we mobilize enough parents, this could become reality for September 2016. I will keep you posted

      A bientot


This reply was deleted.

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