• Mar 16, 2019 from 10:00am to 1:00pm
  • Location: The Yard Williamsburg
  • Latest Activity: Aug 21, 2019

Be a Traveler NOT a Tourist. Explore the gems of Paris through the eyes of an expert. Gain an insider’s scoop on how to: communicate, navigate, eat, shop, party, gallery hop, and blend in like a boss on that too-long-prolonged Paris holiday.

LFBK head teacher: Emile Bertherat – French Native and 20 + years Paris resident has explored, caroused and dined in all the best known, lesser known, not-to-miss, definitely-avoid, hippest, over and underexposed spots the City of Lights has to offer.

Under the LFBK Full Fluency model: this workshop will leave you 100% prepared to take on Paris. A fast-moving three-hour tour leaves both someday and soon-to-be vacationers set with:

  • Enough French Language education to deftly and accurately eat, shop, commute, and begin to communicate in French-worth finesse
  • About town and out of town trekking how-to,
  • Only-a-local would know sightseeing intel – the hot spots and the secret spots,
  • Dining tips and tasty leads,
  • Gratuity best practices (Don’t be a waiter hater!),
  • Where to stay – find a palace at pauper’s price,
  • Underground expertise – the best way to better the subway,
  • Regional day trips: Wine country, country-country via car or tram,
  • Urban and surrounding topographical temptations,
  • Shop-a-holic sensations – a boutique brush up, and more!
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