Ghislaine Sabiti's new art exhibition The Invisible Molili, meaning an Invisible Obscurity in the Lingala Congolese language, builds a bridge between communities through collecting fractured narratives for social change and identity. This new body of work explores the stories of those often forgotten or misunderstood.
Ghislaine Sabiti's technique sheds light on the shadows that exist in our world.   
‪Her sensibility to  an interculturalism and plurality of language infused with unique sewing and embroidery techniques creates bold stroke brushes.
‪"Sometimes we try ignore it and it becomes The Invisible Molili.."
The Invisible Molili Exhibition will take place in Rio Gallery III in the new Sugar Hill building   and the Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling at 898 St.Nicholas Ave. and 155th St. .The exhibit will be view from September 18th  to November 17th
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