The original work of three French artists Brice Poircuitte, Nadiejda Charova Tscheltzoff and STORDEUR will be on display at Agora Gallery, NYC.

About Brice Poircuitte


The worlds of rock music, comic strips, and graphic art come together in Brice Poircuitte’s bold, provocative paintings. “It is important to me that each painting exudes emotion,” he says, and in his work strong, vibrant colors and unexpected, surreal arrangements of people and objects combine to create a psychedelic world that delivers a powerful emotional punch. In many of Poircuitte’s acrylic paintings (which often incorporate ballpoint pens and other media) intense colors emerge from black backgrounds, giving them a brooding darkness that channels and focuses their energy. Cartoonish figures are contained in an atmosphere that turns their whimsical nature into something far more intense and challenging.


A musician himself, the artist has designed album covers and visuals for performers, including the legendary alternative rock band Fishbone. Despite his success in this area, the artist feels that the larger format he now works in allows him to give the emotional content of his images a freer and fuller expression. Just like the music that inspires it, Poircuitte’s work crosses boundaries and defies traditional genres, taking many influences and reassembling them into a dynamic new vision. 


About Nadiejda Charova Tscheltzoff


Fascinated by the unconscious, French artist Nadiejda Charova Tscheltzoff describes her paintings as a “partnership” between herself and the canvas.  For Tscheltzoff, painting provides a creative outlet, and the final products represent a manifestation of her inner world. She is inspired by mythology, fairy tales and dreams, and has been deeply influenced by her travels to Asia. Her landscapes suggest a spiritual vastness with their atmospheric and dream-like terrain. Working in oils, the artist makes subtle but expressive use of nature's richness: a single tree may be the focal point in one of her paintings, or several may be spread out across the expansive landscape of another. Her brushstrokes are sweeping, and her colors range from rich corals to muted, sleepy pastels. 


Tscheltzoff currently lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. She is training to be an art therapist for children. 




In STORDEUR’s work, distinctive approaches to color, texture, materials and composition all come into play in works that feel timeless yet thoroughly modern. His paintings take elements from classical architecture and recast them in graphically powerful settings. The artist says that he paints on wood because he likes the “hard and smooth support” that it supplies to the gold leaf and acrylic paints he uses. That hardness and smoothness also find expression in the clear lines of his images, and in his precise sense of detail. When that quality is combined with the contrasting effects of the media he uses, the result is an almost surreal physicality that intriguingly mixes the rough and the smooth.


His use of light and color is equally strong. Whether painting a night scene or an architectural detail, STORDEUR balances light and shadow in a way that gives each work a vivid feeling of space and air. “Drawing has always been a refuge in difficult times,” he notes, and his paintings offer a compelling and haunting refuge for the viewer as well.

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